Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Apartment and Photo Shoot Pics

Here are pictures of our apartment, mostly so my mom and Cassidy can see! Our apartment isn't exactly how I want it yet but I figure I have a lot of time to add color, curtains, etc. to the space!

Yesterday I was looking for a place to have West's pictures done when David suggested we just take them ourselves. So we ran outside and snapped a few shots!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

2 month stats and Baby Blessing

West was blessed on October 30th. My dad came down as well as David's dad. Danielle and Tyler came too and also our friends Steve and Mollie. David's Grammy and Aunt Diannee were there too! It was so fun to have everyone here!!

West had his 2 month checkup yesterday. And his shots- I cried when he was getting them because he was smiling up at me so big before and I felt like a traitor!! My poor baby.

Here are his stats:
14 lbs 15 oz (99th Percentile)
25 inches long (98th Percentile)
54th Percentile for his head

We love our baby West!