Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dear Danielle,
I am married!BAAAHHHH! haha. Sorry I missed your call last night. I promise to call back real soon!
Sometimes I still wake up and see David lying next to me and think, "is this real?" I like being married, actually I love it. There is nothing better than having a best friend who you get to spend every chance you get with, and who loves you so much, and who tells you you are beautiful every day. I mean who else instead of just saying 'good night' sings you a Shania Twain song and surprisingly knows most all the words?
People told me the wedding day would be a blurr in my memory, but I remember the details so well! I remember waking up so early and having Anne do my hair, I remember getting sick and having to stop at that little fruit/chocolate shop on the freeway on the way to the temple because I was sooo nervous. I remember the spot in the celestial room where he said: "let's remember this moment right now," I remember going into the sealing room and seeing everyone I look up to, adore, and love all around me. I remember making eye contact with you and having a feeling of peace come over me that everything was good and right. I remember after the temple and all day Ivie not leaving my side and keep begging me to switch bouquets- finally I relented. I remember the reception in Uncle Garth's and Aunt Katrina's beautiful back yard and the accents of violent hydrangeas and lavender on all of the tables. I loved being out in the country where I grew up and having all of the people who helped influence who I am come through the line and meet my man. I remember being envious of Julie and wishing I looked as good in my WEDDING dress as she did in her purple satin one! haha. I remember all my family being there and just loved watching everyone interact. I remember seeing my best friends- you, Chrissy, Stephanie, Shay, and Elliott all there having traveled far and wide and my heart melted. It was a perfect, beautiful day. Thank you for being my bridesmaid and being there for me it meant the world to me!
Ahhh I really did love it.
Hawaii was so much fun and you know through conversations we've had since I've been married that married life is wonderful but there are so many unexpected encounters. But it is a learning experience working through them. You are right, you really need to be there for each other through eachother's little triumphs and trials.
About a week after we moved in I dropped a Reece's pieces m&m on the ground and it rolled under the washer which is in our kitchen. I got down on my hands and knees with my cheek pressed against the ground and peered under the washer. I couldn't see it, and my hand wouldn't fit to try and feel for it; and there is nothing that even resembles a flash light in our apartment. I sat up on my heels and wondered what to do, what to do. Then I had a thought: Would this be something Danielle would worry about? I decided you wouldn't and got up and walked away. Now don't think I don't think about that little Reese's Piece every now and then, but I decided not to let it worry me. Aren't you proud?
There was a little spider that lived under my dishwasher and he would bring me little bugs in his new little webs every day. One day I killed him, and grossly, sadly, and weirdly I miss him bringing me those little dead bugs. Because if they aren't dead and in his web then they must be alive, and if they are alive and in our apartment.... where are they?
Thanks for continuously being my friend. I sure love you and surprisingly have so much more I want to talk to you about! I figured I'd blog you because David is gone tonight and I feel it is too late to call. Plus I know I have a few followers out there who would like/or not like (at least read:)) my rambling thoughts. I am going to go cuddle up and read my book while I wait for him to come home.
Love you much!
Libby Lou

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